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The Teachers' Handbook

Secondary and vocational education


A handbook for future teachers who require tools to connect theory and practice throughout their studies to become a succesful teacher.

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How do you become a successful teacher? As a new teacher you need to learn how to establish specific routines and procedures. However, it takes more than learning the ‘tricks of the trade’ to become a qualified teacher. The Teachers’ Handbook meets the needs of future teachers who require tools to connect theory and practice throughout their studies, enabling them to create well-developed lessons.

This handbook discusses fundamental questions such as: How do I educate my students? How do I work effectively with groups? What is my school like? How do I develop my skills as a teacher? These four main questions coincide with parts A to D of this handbook. The fifth part discusses the specific features of preparatory (VMBO) and senior secondary vocational education (VET, or MBO).

The Teachers’ Handbook is intended for all new and seasoned teachers in secondary education and vocational education in the Netherlands. This book is also useful for instructors in Associate Degree programmes.


Walter Geerts

Walter Geerts is verbonden aan de NHL Hogeschool als onderwijskundige en opleider van hbo-docenten.

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René van Kralingen

René van Kralingen is lerarenopleider, docententrainer en onderwijsadviseur bij Onderwijsadviesbureau van Kralingen.