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Unravelling Autism

Introduction to Autism with the Socioscheme



A brief introduction in autism introducing the theory of the Socioscheme and the MAS1P (Mental Age Spectrum within 1 Person).

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Uitgeverij SWP
Jaar van uitgave 2017
Bindwijze paperback
Aantal pagina's 128p.

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PICOWO-series part 12

Martine Delfos presents a brief introduction in autism. Often it is difficult to understand autism. Some of the confusion with respect to autism comes from the lack of distinction between what autism is and circumstances that can foster autistic behaviour, such as neglect or severe trauma. Delfos introduces the theory of the Socioscheme and the MAS1P (Mental Age Spectrum within 1 Person). The clear description and the use of many examples make this book readable without losing scientific and solid ground.

Dr. Martine Delfos is a bio-psychologist. She is a researcher, a therapist and a teacher. One of her fields is autism, with special attention to differentiating trauma within autistic behaviour from autism spectrum disorders. With respect to autism she helps developing autism care in several countries.
Information on her work is to be found on: www.mdelfos.nl

Tony Attwood wrote in his foreword of Delfos' first and still basic textbook on autism (Latest version: Wondering about the word. About Autism Spectrum Conditions): She reviews each of the theoretical fields of study and then describes our current landscape of knowledge as though from an observation balloon to provide a single explanatory model for autism. The project has been remarkably ambitious but the author has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the academic literature and the various theoretical models, and extensive personal experience as a clinician. The author also has notable respect for those who have autism and Asperger's Syndrome and she is able to challenge and change attitudes as well as increase understanding.


Martine Delfos

Dr. Martine F. Delfos is opgeleid als wetenschappelijk onderzoeker in de psychologie en is tevens werkzaam in de praktijk als therapeut. Zij heeft langdurig ervaring opgedaan met het diagnosticeren en behandelen van kinderen, adolescenten en volwassenen. Zij is onder andere gespecialiseerd in relatietherapie, autisme en eetstoornissen. Naast haar therapeutische praktijk verzorgt zij nascholing aan psychologen, psychiaters, orthopedagogen, artsen, maatschappelijk werkers en groepsleiders. Als wetenschapper ontwikkelt zij modellen die in directe relatie staan tot de maatschappelijke en wetenschappelijke werkelijkheid.
Website: www.mdelfos.nl

(Foto: Janneke de Jonge)