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Photoworks Beyond Reality

Volume 2



Photoworks by Huub Schilte and Jacqueling Portielje, midway between photography, drawing and painting.

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Uitgeverij Van Gruting
Jaar van uitgave 2012
Bindwijze hardcover
Aantal pagina's 160p.
Extra 21 x 14 cm

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Huub Schilte (1953) and Jacqueline Portielje (1958) work and live together in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. From 1993 onwards, they both intensively explored the rich possibilities of the computer as an artistic medium, using it both as a photography dark room and as a drawing/painting tool. Their ideas about art were so complementary, that creating works of art together became the rule rather than the exception: since 1997 they present their work under the composite name Schilte and Portielje. One of the reasons for working in black and white is that they want their work to be midway between photography, drawing and painting. As artists they feel the challenge to reflect in a visual way upon the complicated world. The interpretation of the result of their work is up to the beholder.


- Schilte and Portielje