Mobile Autonomy

exercises in artists'self-organization beyond individualism

Engels | 26-08-2015 | 240 pagina's

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Neoliberalism has taken autonomous professional values and labour firmly in its grasp. Traditional forms of employment are replaced with post-Fordist conditions in which work has become freelance, flexible, mobile, project-based, hybrid and temporary. This way of working is not new to artists. They have seen themselves confronted with these precarious conditions since many years. Mobile Autonomy detects what modes of economy and different innovative working modalities artists and other artistic professionals have developed in order to create their work in today's social, economic and political conditions. Theoretical insights are alternated with hands-on practices, examples and art works in order to learn from and reflect on contemporary artists' working conditions.

'We need to stay mobile to keep our autonomy alive, and we need to develop new autonomous practices to keep our mobility alive.'


    EAN :9789492095107
    Uitgever :Valiz
    Vertaler : Leo Reynen - Huub Huf
    Publicatie datum :  26-08-2015
    Uitvoering :Paperback / softback
    Taal :Engels
    Hoogte :212 mm
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    Aantal pagina's :240
    Reeks :  Antennae