Wondering about the world

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'Wondering about the World' is an impressive, comprehensive, highly readable and much needed guide to autistic spectrum conditions. Autism is presented from a new biopsychological perspective which is supported by the latest research. Delfos' theory of the Socioscheme alongside the MAS1P, the broad 'Mental Age Spectrum within 1 Person', shows the effects of the rainbow of ages within each person with autism and demonstrates how they can be both older and younger than their chronological age and therefore uncovers their hidden intelligence. The theory of Delfos is widely embraced by people with autism conditions and their families and carers, and is gaining international recognition. Martine Delfos provides a strong, insightful and clear theoretical analysis of the nature of autism and the challenges it may cause. Special attention is given to differentiating trauma with autistic behaviour from autism spectrum conditions. Illustrating her ideas with many real-life examples, Delfos offers practical advice from the perspective of people with autism of all ages, as well as from parents and carers. While incorporating the most recent findings of current research her experience in practice means she is able to balance theory and practical advice to perfection. Wondering about the World is both an accessible resource for parents and an important textbook for students and professionals. Martine F. Delfos (PhD) is a biopsychologist working as a researcher and therapist for people with a broad spectrum of issues. She is committed to the development of theoretical models which are directly applicable in the daily work of professionals. Delfos is the author of several books in the fields of child psychology, autism and gender differences. With respect to autism she has been involved in developing autism care in several countries and is visiting professor at the Universidad Central del Ecuador in Quito-Ecuador and also at the International University of Sarajevo in Bosnia-Herzegovina. Information on her work is to be found on: www.mdelfos.nl Dr. Tony Attwood: "The project has been remarkably ambitious but the author has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the academic literature and the various theoretical models, and extensive personal experience as a clinician. The author also has notable respect for those who have autism and Asperger's Syndrome and she is able to challenge and change attitudes as well as increase understanding."


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